Eco Club at the Oxford College of Science is committed to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainable living in the campus and imbibe the same in students. The Eco Club motto is Go Green. Objectives

  • Create and nurture green consciousness among stakeholders
  • Promote ethos of conservation of natural resources and ecosystem
  • Promote ecofriendly sustainable living in campus
  • Community sensitization


The Oxford College of Science encourages students to develop insight and explore the latest thinking in sustainable living and motivating them to make positive changes individually and collectively for our planet. The Eco Club is a voluntary, vibrant and passionate group of environmentally conscious students and faculty dedicated to making a positive impact in the campus. The club organizes awareness programs, plant donation campaigns, exhibitions, cleanliness drives, rally etc to educate and motivate students and community for ecofriendly and sustainable living practices. The Ecoclub also collaborates with NGO's and Government organizations for fundraising programs and community volunteering for nature and ecosystem conservation and to create a clean and sustainable ecosystem.