The academic curriculum is not sufficient to provide the skills sets that can bridge the gap between the regular academic syllabus, and the research and industry. Both the academics and the research fields have grown to be very dynamic and versatile. Moreover, interdisciplinary research is important for the development and launch of various technologies. Thus, to equip the students with a holistic development and additional skill sets for better job and carrier opportunities, numerous new age programs, for both UG & PG, have been provided by the different departments of The Oxford College of Science. Recently, with the above vision, “The Oxford Science Skill Enhancement Centre (TOSSEC)”, anintegrated multidisciplinary center to train students and make them research and industry ready, was launched on 11th October 2019.The several new age courses offered by our college are as follows:

Name of new age course/program
Docon stream processing (proteins)
Insect-host plant selection
Production & characterization of biosurfactants
Chromosomal aberrations as cytogenetic biomarkers for toxicology, genotoxicity and biomonitoring
PCB designing
Android App development
ARDUINO microcontroller and interfacing
Raspberry PI and interfacing
Python programming
Interfacing with PIC microcontroller
Working with PSOC
Web design
HPLC- Module 1
HPLC- Module 2
Fluorescent microscopy- Module 1
Fluorescent microscopy- Module 2
Bioinformatics- Module 1
Bioinformatics- Module 2
PCR-Module 1
PCR-Module 2
Analytical tools in pharmaceutical industry-Module 1
Analytical tools in pharmaceutical industry-Module 2
Animal cell culture-Module 1
Animal cell culture-Module 2
Advanced clinical diagnostics
Vinegar production
Commercial tissue culture
Organic farming
Spirulina production
Epitome mapping
Virtual gene cloning
3D modeling of proteins
Fortified food & nutraceuticals
Computational soft skills
Research methodology
Mushroom cultivation
Internet of Things