Exams have an important role in the process of learning and in the whole educational institution.”

One of the major components of our education system is examination. The education process in any discipline of learning ends with examinations. The entire effort put in by the teachers on teaching and the student on learning is centered on getting good results in the examinations. Thus examinations have been overriding the process of education and are a matter of concern for stakeholders. Evaluation, grading and certification in our system rest on examinations which play an important role in the progression of a learner on the learning path. The examinations not only indicate whether the desired learning outcomes have been achieved but also assess the level of achievements against benchmarks.

In the assessment activities, students demonstrate their level of achievement of the course learning outcomes. POs give useful guidance at the program level for the curriculum design, delivery and assessment of student learning. . Thus, examinations serve as checkpoints for both the learner and the external world, allowing appropriate certification to be issued reflecting the proficiency of an individual operating in socio-economic spheres.