Research and Development (R&D) flourishes where young minds and experienced faculties work synergistically”

Research is seen as a primary and a vital function of a university and, therefore, of the higher education systems worldwide. It is a well acknowledged fact that Research plays an important role in the economic growth of a country.  At Oxford we believe that the students in higher education must be given exposure and opportunities towards research-based learning to generate curiosity, to tap creativity and to channelize innovation into implementation.  

The Research and Development Cell was established at TOCS to inculcate research and innovative skills among faculty and students in order to create research ecosystem in the campus.  The objective of the cell is to identify and foster thrust areas of research, encourage faculty to obtain extramural grants, promote quality in-house research projects, motivate faculty to register for higher studies, training of trainers and update and upgrade the research facilities. 

The college has about 40 doctorates in various disciplines who support the research activities through their constant guidance and promote research activities for benefit of society with special emphasis on emerging domains. The R & D cell regularly organizes faculty development programs, workshops to enhance research and teaching capabilities of science educators; conducts Projethon to promote research, augment research culture and develop competency among students, also conducts value added programs/hands-on training programs for students to develop the most appropriate methodology for their research studies;  organizes conference – a scientific platform to showcase research outcomes,  publishes scientific journal “The Oxford Journal of Science and Research”

We hope that this would encourage the student community to come out with novel ideas, generate enthusiasm in doing research, instil or stimulate research mindset, develop competent skill and hone their presentation skill thereby developing confidence. All these will definitely contribute towards grooming an individual’s personality that prepares them to face the challenges in the competitive world. 

Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and Institutional Research Committee (IRC) are in place for monitoring and systematic implementation of process pertaining to research.