The primary concern of the Student Welfare Cell is safety, welfare and well-being of the students in the college campus and to monitor their activities to encourage holistic development. Mold the student to be an asset of the country or otherwise a liability. At the heart of our Student Welfare Cell's mission lies the belief that the college experience should be enriching, transformative, and supportive. We aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can flourish in all aspects of their lives. The cell also attends to matters Related to Students’ Insurance & Mediclaim Schemes, nominating Students for Scholarships, Financial Aids and Awards,, coordinating the College Sponsored local Trips & Excursions for students, co-ordinate all students related activities other than academic activities and in house celebration of various important days like National & Religious festivals etc., under the guidance & Support of College authorities. Student Welfare Cell often collaborates closely with academic departments, campus security, and other student services to provide a comprehensive support system for students. Their mission is to create a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment that enables students to thrive academically and personally during their educational journey.